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Kingdom: Verdan

Foreigners who travel to Verdan can expect a fair trade in a welcoming society, only if they pay the foreignertax to the taxcollecters at every city they cross. The capital and its many connection-towns are, despite their neighbouring countries to the north and south, filled with people urging to purchase foreign goods from roving caravans. Verdan has since the growth of Redwall city, been an example for most people and cities in the surrounding kingdoms. Started by the establishment of Redwall Abbey, the city became a place for study in anatomy, biology, alchemy, astronomy and most of all medicine. The development of medicine has made Verdan a coherent society, with always-active trade routes connecting the various cities of the kingdom.

(main city)

Seperahills is a spur to the eastern mountain range of Safemounts, they have their name from an ancient agreement between two kings, who agreed to let the mountains decide where kingdoms collide. A river runs all the way from Safemounts down into Seperahills, forming the River Normund. The lake has, due to its beautiful surrounding as well as its remarkably clear water, been a place for offerings and spiritual rebirth rituals for centuries.

A story goes, that Ravodin the Great at his very last years have turned to that River to be cleanshed from all his deeds and undeeds, where after he has disappeared into the hills reborn again.

Citiy: Baldrian

Baldrian is the capital of Verdan. The government is on the line between teocracy and monarchy. Baldrian has a king and a large noblehouse. The King’s family goes by the name Colm. They have ruled the country in generations. The current king Patric Colm is the tenth in the history of Baldrian. It is up to him to keep everything moving and prevent the various religions powercenters of getting too much power.
Patric’s influence on major decisions has decreased the last five years.

Black Market of inner Baldrian
Since 1275, the religious centers has gained a massive popularity. The centre for almost each area of employment have been transformed into a temple worshipping a specific God related to the work.
The popularity began after Patric Colms father granted the land east of River Duphan to Patrics uncle Neil Colm, who after a trip to the _______ Empire, began the Redwall Abbey and changed his name to Father Neil. Redwall Abbey became a center for development of medicin, and granted the area travellers from the various parts of the surrounding kingdoms. The sudden findings of herbs and roots in the Baldrian forrest north from Redwall Abbey, must have been caused by an sanctification of the gods. This belief boosted the popularity of the Gods.

1263 – A gigantic snow storm hits the city for ten days. No food is available and many people are without a home.
1266 – Strange happenings appear in the countryside (people are having doubt in the kings relationship to the gods)
1270 – Father Neil completes the Abbey (it took 1 year)

Neil Colm – 82 years old
Patric Colm – 45 years old

Law and Order
The government consits of five temples, temple of life, death, creation, elements and trade.
Baldrian also has a king, who has been the head of the city for generations. The king is the dark-haried Farf, Patric Colm. …

The law of Rebirth
In baldrian and aswell in the whole of _______, the ancient commandment by the god of death have become a law.
If you are to kill a friend
My power is mine to lend
Spare his life and grant a new.
My words speak now from you

When another person’s life is spared instead of taken, the person is by this commandment granted a new identity and guided by the words of the man who spared him. When inforced in Baldrian, a person who is senteced to death, will be given another chance. He is forbidded to see his family, and is forced to take on new areas of interest and work. In some cases the “reborn” are enlightened and finds a whole new path to happines, and in other cases these people are outcasted or comit suicide.

Redwall Abbey
The door to the abbey has since been established always been open to any traveller roaming the dusty path between the plains and the woodlands. At Redwall, every traveller is served tea on baldrianleaves as a gesture to encourage settling and rest. In occasions where every room is occupied within the huge Abbey, guarded tents are set in the even bigger garden area.
The Abbey are known for its research and development of medicine and drugs, which are a huge export for the city of Baldrian. In Redwall a school of healing has been established, and the best are to serve in the Temple of Sulif within the walls of Baldrian.
The monks of Redwall worship Akna, the mother god of life, and the subGods Valeriana and Dagda.
The temple of Akna has been in Baldrian for centuries, but has now become the centre for physicians. The physician highpriest and his disciples (herbalists and healers) are educated in Redwall.

Akna - The God of life
-        Valeriana, goddess of medicine
-        Birth
-        Animal herding
-        Dagda, god of knowledge
god of death
-        burial
-        war
-        venom
-        hunting
God of creation
-        Cooking
-        Blacksmithing
-        Brewing
-        Tailoring
-        Fishing
-        Trade
-        Farming
-        Etc.
God of Elements
-        Water
-        Fire
-        Earth
-        Forest
-        Mountain
-        Wind

Contemporary Work: Cosmology and The World

Jorn (the world)
The planet is oval-sized with two axes of symmetry. On the surface of the planet runs a gigantic mountain range following the major axis. This has divided the upper world and the lower world since creation began.

Creation is fuelled by “the centerstone”. An irregular construct that is, likewise the world, divided into two parts. Each part represents and consists of complementary energy sources called Nifl and Muspl.
The two energies have spread from the centerstone and created every part of the planet.
The centerstone has one axis of symmetry. Nifl is every part of the centerstone above the major axis, and below the axis is Muspel. Both energies are equal but incomparable and on the surface of contact, the friction between the energies grinding against each other has resulted in a gigantic mountain range called “The End”.

The End is following the major axis and crosses both B points. It is the only place on the planet, where both Muspl and Nifl have equal impact. This is the 50% belt.
The point where the minor axes hits the surface of the planet is the A point. We call this the top of the world, and the bottom of the world. This is where each energy has total domination, with no influence from the opposing energy. This is the 100% belt.
The closer you get the A-point the more concentrated the energy is.

The centerstone
The centerstone is of two parts, evenly divided between Muspl and Nifl. From the centerstone, all creation has begun. Creation develops exponentially, depending on how close you are to the A-point. If you are close to the top of the world, Nifl will have total domination and visa versa with the Muspl.

Thought-pattern of creation
Creation begins as an idea, which is developed in a struggle between the major energy and the opposing energy, or as in the 100%-belt solely by one energy. The idea is thereafter transferred into the invisible realm having effect through metaphysical features, as atmosphere, scent, and spiritual conditions. The idea moves into the psychic realm effecting the motives, emotions or direction of the target whether it being a natural element or a living existence. When the idea has lurked in the psychic realm long enough, it moves into the visible realm creating physical addition to the target. The final realm is the ideal realm, this comes to sight as bright coloured light in the sky, typically over the area of the ideas creation – this light is called the afterburn by some thinkers.
An idea always has a target and is always evolving a supplement to something already existing. It is usually more concentrated towards something that is active. E.g. areas where people are engaged in development of knowledge, the centerstone will evolve that specific area even further.

Creation develops within the target of the supplement. The speed of the creation process increases exponentially; depending on how close the target is to the centerstone. Most areas have such a distance to the centerstone that an idea takes 100 years before it reached the final realm.

Different Realms
The world we know are the physical realm. This is where our five senses only can get a taste of what lies beyond that world. The physical realm is the fourth stage in creation. Before that is the psychological realm, the invisible realm and the realm where everything originates from; the ideal realm. The fifth realm is the Afterburn, this is where the rest energy is led after creation.

The Invisible Realm
This is where the body of the idea comes to life. These creations have no consciousness and have not yet been transferred into the physical realm. Only atmosphere and feeling are instances that are sensed in the physical realm from the invisible realm. Many shadows go through the Invisible realm.
Psychological Realm
This is a realm of thoughts and loads of spirits too. This is a realm where creation is most vulnerable to change, and therefore most occurrences of lost spirits occur. If e entering this realm is dangerous because of the many spirits, but also because you let go of your known physical form and surrender to everything’s unity. Some spirits form sociaties where they live together. They have their own culture and have forgotten about their ideal picture. But filled with hate to the change in creation, they bear a sense of hatred and evilness within them.
Ekkon is an example of such a place, although Ekkon is a very rare exeption. Ekkon is a whole idea of a city trapped within to realms of existence.  

Although many only are heard of through tales and song, areas of extreme change do exist. Theses areas are called Mistdales, and are where part of the centerstone is peaked and close to the land-surface. Due to the small distance to the centerstone, the process of creation is unnaturally rapid. Ideas from these parts of the centerstone reach the final realm within approx. two years.

These are shadows who’s creation, for some reason, has not been reached. This is usually caused by a change in the process of creation. When an Idea is created in the Ideal realm, a picture of the result is created. If the result is not reached, the shadow will be trapped between two realms forever. The Shadow will be able to act in both realms, but inefficiently. If trapped between the psychological realm and the ohysical realm, the Shadow will become visible iin some situations and will already have developed part pshycologic. The shadow will usually hunt the new “ideal” picture of itself in jalousy.
This have been interpretated as d sould of dead people obut also as an tainted destiny in hunt for it’s truth, which is close to being the actual truth.

Shadows are ideal pictures of the result of an idea created in the Ideal Realm. The shadows has no impact on others.

When in possession of one of these stones, depending on the size of the stone, the genes of the wielder will be in constant process of evolving. A wielder of a motherstone must be very strong to control the power of creation, and this is a constant fight between the wielder and his/her motherstone.

Humanoids are an example of a creature which has evolved from the same creature, and by supplementing ideas from the centerstone, been transformed into different-looking creatures.
Some, which are called nature-touched, are tydelige examples of change throug creation.

A flint of a motherstone, those who where excluded from the motherstone wields less power, than the motherstone itself. When in possession of one of these stones, depending on the size of the stone, the genes of the wielder will be in constant process of evolving. A wielder of a motherstone must be very strong to control the power of creation, and this is a constant fight between the wielder and his/her motherstone.

The two worlds were neither good nor bad, but always completely balanced. The two worlds will always be balanced, but the middle way will be inactive, unless the balance is in order with the middle way. The middle way is the only true way of nature.

Niflheim and Muspelheim were created from the motherstone, which exploded and spread all over the creation in small bits. They are controlled by Ice or Fire. When the middle way is active, it means, that the motherstone is protected by Ice in Niflheim and with Fire in Muspelheim.
The stones come from deep down in the middle of the world, where ice and fire contemplates each other.

The Centerstone and the Division of the world
From the motherstone, all creation and evolutions starts. When closer to the motherstone, the faster creation will evolve. Creation began from both sides of the motherstone at once, and collided in a circle around the motherstone. The clash ended in a giant mountain-rift that divides the two sides.

The balance
When motherstones are found, it means that the Ice has been melted, or the Fire has been weakened. This is caused by an imbalance between contraries in the world. Either one, or the other side, has become more powerful, weak, or more significant in some way, than the other.

In Niflheim, rivers that has their origin in a powerful motherstone area, magically heats up. This is a phenomenon that appears when a certain depth is present. These areas are found to be more fertile in flora, animal life and have a richer earth.