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Race: Farf


A human species called the Farfs. They inhabit mainly the Eastern and Northern part of GVL. Farfs have a thin, but longer skull and a straight nose. The mouth is usually turned downward from birth, and they have long black hair.
 Other Races
Farfan leader of Grondal
They tend to avoid living side by side the Whiteskins, mainly because of their mistrust to other races, but also due to their lack of confidence.
 Long ago, driven away from their homelands, the Farfs where spread all over Gorrsland and the upper kingdoms. With a past of tribes and life as outlaws, the Farf has developed good hunting and marksman skills, they have been open to other outlaws, such as Goliaths who where abandoned their clan, and in some cases even civilised Orkins, which has resulted in the Golon race.
 With no heroic deeds in the history of Green Valley Lands, the Farf has become inferior to the race of the Whiteskin. Therefore, they prefer living close to each other, going to the same pubs and doing business with each other. This has inevitably resulted in ghettoization of the Farfs in the bigger cities, which usually involves secret and hidden weekly meetings and rules, which only the Farfs know of.
Remaining true to the game shapes daily life of a Farf. Confidentiality is a major value amongst them, not acting boisterous and to speak only when necessary or in familiar company. That is why; trudging into a gathering of Farfs, can seem extremely awkward. This culture of “laying low” can be found suspicious and uncomforting, although most shushed conversations are everyday chitchat.
 The use of sign language, called Farfan, is used by the Farfs when communicating over longer distances, of approx. 10m.
 Something that is taboo amongst the Farfs is private and personal issues. These topics are rarely spoken about, and if so, is it up to oneself to bring it on. Unlike other cultures, monthly income and worth is openly discussed and measured by each other.
 Categorising and estimating everyone by status and reputation, knowing who knows what and working out how everything works, sums up the Farf race pretty well.
The Farfs used to be hunters, but Whiteskins and Golons has overtaken those posts, and now the Farf use their structured mind to serve as architects, mathicians (mathematicians) and investigators.
 Farf life
Family members take good care of each other, and parents hold their kids in a tight line.
Farfs has always had charm for dogs. They serve as respected members of every hunter-family, and to many others as pets and lifeguards.

The Farfs often spend a night or two playing cards and drinking Sourjuice (week-alcoholic Farf speciality made from fermented berries), while the kids play and look after the dogs or the house. Although alcoholic beverages are dear to the Farf, being drunk in public are completely outraging for the Farf, and are often dealt with right away.

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