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Race: Goliath

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 Goliaths are tall creatures with skin as grey and tough as an Elephants, and with several stony bulbs under their skin. They primarily have white or green eyes. They are taller and bigger in addition to humans. The Goliath race is said to have its “roots” only from rocks and fundamental elements as earth, wind and fire.

 Because most Goliaths are hunter-gatherers, they tend to settle down in alpine meadows or valleys in midwinter, and when season changes ascend to the higher peaks when the snow is melted. While retreated to the lower point, Goliath tribes often bred goat flocks in high numbers to support times of unsuccessful hunting.

 The Goliath people live in sheds and caves in The Gorrian Mountains, living as hunters, fighting their way to their prey in competition from the Giants and Orkins. Their intelligence is weaker than humans, but every Goliath is a potential fighter and hunter. 
Goliath chieftain

 Goliath life

Goliaths place great stock in clan and family; life in the mountains teaches even the youngest to rely completely on his fellows for a hand across a mountain rift. They are completely unsympathetic towards tribe-members who can’t contribute to the well-being of the tribe. This includes sick and old, and these are exiled from their clans, never to return. Social structure is based on what you do and contribute with. The lowest caste is expelled and doomed to wander alone until death, these usually end up killing themselves or settle down in human areas. The greatest sin of the Goliaths is to disappoint his clan.

The Bhald Goliath clan is some of what appears in the lesser-praised tales of the Goliath. It was a big clan that fought the Orkins for a decade, but it resulted in a loss of around fifty Goliaths, who changed side. There is a rumour, that it was a female Goliath that inflated the idea, because of a relationship to an Orkin. But this is considered nonsense in almost all clans.

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