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Contemporary Project: Magic

Superstitious phenomenons without explanation, which occurrence of are rare.

Evolution and growth is powered by one source of energy, the power of creation that radiates from the center of the world. The center consists of a stone. The speed of creation/evolution depends on the distance to the center. It grows exponential. Creation develops along a specific pattern, starting with an idea. The idea grows and achieves significance in the invisible realm, the idea has consequences in the visible realm as emotions or thoughts that are felt and reacted upon. After being in the invisible realm the idea will move to the visible realm causing changes in appearance. The idea will thereafter achieve physical form and assisted by streams of ideas that create programming or function.

Genetic Magic
Manipulating thought and triggering specific areas of thought in others are powers that happen to be inherited though the genes of people who have lived in an area with strong radiation from a centerstone. The radiation influences the thought pattern of the people and empowers their thoughts to communicate with other realms, such as the invisible, visible and physical realm, following the same pattern as the centerstone.
Heightening of instincts also occur thou being a rarity. These include heightened intuition, hearing, sight, taste etc.

Active practitioners and possessors of these powers call themselves evokers, mindreaders and fortune-tellers, all of which represent misconceptions of the true abilities (although evoker serves the art well). Possessors often tend to misunderstand the reality of their powers, practicing mindreading around the gamblers table instead of practicing thought-manipulation and running business with fortunetelling, using numerous rituals and knick-knacks instead of treating their intuition as pure instinct.

Wielder Magic
Some flints of the centerstone are to be found across the world. A person in possession of a flint is constantly fighting against it. He will be able to control the evolutionary radiation only if he is strong in heart and in completely peace with himself. He will thereby be able to create, change and evolve objects, following same pattern as the centerstone.

In the future (many years after 1300) terms will come for specific wielder of centerstones:
The Illusionist practices techniques to form and create objects and pictures only in the visible realm. To give objects compact form in the physical world, is not in the Illusionists power.

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