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Race: Asgrum

These creatures are tall and bold humanoids that live only in mountainous terrain. Their skin has adapted to the harsh environment and has become almost immune to the cold. Their skin is grey and has an uneven surface, giving them a savage appearance but also making the Asgrums able to disguise while scouting in mountains above the valleys. Silverwhite lumps of thick hair grow on parts of their body, along their spine from the back of the skull to the loin. Lumps of hair grow on top of hands and feet. Their jaw is full of sharp teeth.

 Asgrum Life
The Asgrum are excellent huntsmen and herdsmen, keeping flocks of elk, musk oxen and mountain sheep. The Asgrum eat almost every meal raw, but enjoy a shared meal with the available seasonings around the fire.
They live in tribes of aprox. 20 adults guided by one leader. They favor finely stitched furs used for sleeping areas and products, often arctic fox, ermine or bearskin. Some wear cloth bandanas to protect their bold head for various harsh winds. Most elders and children use fur to keep themselves warm, while the rest of the tribe walks almost naked.
 Male Asgrums hunt in packs, lying in wait in rifts with their senses awake for potential prey crossing the valley or forest below them.
 They live a nomadic life, travelling the mountains in search of the next cave to inhabit until food resources are to fade again. Every cave is left with a memorial inscription in the eastern wall. A symbol resembles each day the cave was lair to the tribe. The oldest member of the tribe completes the inscription on the day of departure. The ancient ritual involves an animal sacrifice, and sometimes a tribe-member is left behind if he/she is too weak or too old to continue.

Asgrums place great stock in clan and family; life in the mountains teaches even the youngest to rely completely on his fellows for a hand across a mountain rift. They are thou very unsympathetic and principled when it comes to tribe-members who can’t contribute to the well being of the tribe. The old, weak and sick is left behind in a sanctified cave to die in peace. To die in a cave inscribed with the symbols of the gods is seen as the last honourable act a man can do.
 The Asgrum are used to hunt everything they see and can therefore seem bewildered when encountering other humanoid races.

Every tribe has a shaman who fulfils multiple functions, such as healing, curing infertile women and securing success of hunts. In several Asgrum culturen, it is believed that every Asgrum has two souls, a body soul and a free soul. It is the free soul, which undertakes spirit journeys to the gods. Usually one or two others guard the body of the shaman during spirit journeys. The presence of a free soul prevents the Asgrum to become ill or sick, it is believed that the free soul of an insufficient Asgrum has left to join an animal instead.
 The Asgrum usually have one God per animalfamily. When travelling between caves in the mountains, the Asgrum is in hope for possible animals granted to them by their gods. When a herd of elk or deer produce enough food for a tribe, the God of the Antlers is praised, when a herd of musk oxen is encountered and hunted, the God of Ox is praised.
It is believed amongst the Asgrum, that an animal is a free soul imprisoned in an animal body, and that the soul can return to the original subject of the soul only when the heart of the animal has been removed and crushed. The blood is thereafter smeared into the face of the hunter as a sign of honour and acts of good.
A similar ritual is performed when approaching already inhabited caves. The blood signal that they are people of good acts.

Other Races
Asgrum that live near humans, are often hunted and driven away. Some of these Asgrum tribes believe that, by eating the body of another human, they can posses the strength of the human, and thereby out power the civilized people. [1]
A known tribe, by the name of their leader Inuq, are the largest tribe of Asgrum. They proudly fight other humanoids.

[1] Inspiration: Princess Mononoke

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