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Citiy: Baldrian

Baldrian is the capital of Verdan. The government is on the line between teocracy and monarchy. Baldrian has a king and a large noblehouse. The King’s family goes by the name Colm. They have ruled the country in generations. The current king Patric Colm is the tenth in the history of Baldrian. It is up to him to keep everything moving and prevent the various religions powercenters of getting too much power.
Patric’s influence on major decisions has decreased the last five years.

Black Market of inner Baldrian
Since 1275, the religious centers has gained a massive popularity. The centre for almost each area of employment have been transformed into a temple worshipping a specific God related to the work.
The popularity began after Patric Colms father granted the land east of River Duphan to Patrics uncle Neil Colm, who after a trip to the _______ Empire, began the Redwall Abbey and changed his name to Father Neil. Redwall Abbey became a center for development of medicin, and granted the area travellers from the various parts of the surrounding kingdoms. The sudden findings of herbs and roots in the Baldrian forrest north from Redwall Abbey, must have been caused by an sanctification of the gods. This belief boosted the popularity of the Gods.

1263 – A gigantic snow storm hits the city for ten days. No food is available and many people are without a home.
1266 – Strange happenings appear in the countryside (people are having doubt in the kings relationship to the gods)
1270 – Father Neil completes the Abbey (it took 1 year)

Neil Colm – 82 years old
Patric Colm – 45 years old

Law and Order
The government consits of five temples, temple of life, death, creation, elements and trade.
Baldrian also has a king, who has been the head of the city for generations. The king is the dark-haried Farf, Patric Colm. …

The law of Rebirth
In baldrian and aswell in the whole of _______, the ancient commandment by the god of death have become a law.
If you are to kill a friend
My power is mine to lend
Spare his life and grant a new.
My words speak now from you

When another person’s life is spared instead of taken, the person is by this commandment granted a new identity and guided by the words of the man who spared him. When inforced in Baldrian, a person who is senteced to death, will be given another chance. He is forbidded to see his family, and is forced to take on new areas of interest and work. In some cases the “reborn” are enlightened and finds a whole new path to happines, and in other cases these people are outcasted or comit suicide.

Redwall Abbey
The door to the abbey has since been established always been open to any traveller roaming the dusty path between the plains and the woodlands. At Redwall, every traveller is served tea on baldrianleaves as a gesture to encourage settling and rest. In occasions where every room is occupied within the huge Abbey, guarded tents are set in the even bigger garden area.
The Abbey are known for its research and development of medicine and drugs, which are a huge export for the city of Baldrian. In Redwall a school of healing has been established, and the best are to serve in the Temple of Sulif within the walls of Baldrian.
The monks of Redwall worship Akna, the mother god of life, and the subGods Valeriana and Dagda.
The temple of Akna has been in Baldrian for centuries, but has now become the centre for physicians. The physician highpriest and his disciples (herbalists and healers) are educated in Redwall.

Akna - The God of life
-        Valeriana, goddess of medicine
-        Birth
-        Animal herding
-        Dagda, god of knowledge
god of death
-        burial
-        war
-        venom
-        hunting
God of creation
-        Cooking
-        Blacksmithing
-        Brewing
-        Tailoring
-        Fishing
-        Trade
-        Farming
-        Etc.
God of Elements
-        Water
-        Fire
-        Earth
-        Forest
-        Mountain
-        Wind

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