onsdag den 26. februar 2014

Kingdom: Verdan

Foreigners who travel to Verdan can expect a fair trade in a welcoming society, only if they pay the foreignertax to the taxcollecters at every city they cross. The capital and its many connection-towns are, despite their neighbouring countries to the north and south, filled with people urging to purchase foreign goods from roving caravans. Verdan has since the growth of Redwall city, been an example for most people and cities in the surrounding kingdoms. Started by the establishment of Redwall Abbey, the city became a place for study in anatomy, biology, alchemy, astronomy and most of all medicine. The development of medicine has made Verdan a coherent society, with always-active trade routes connecting the various cities of the kingdom.

(main city)

Seperahills is a spur to the eastern mountain range of Safemounts, they have their name from an ancient agreement between two kings, who agreed to let the mountains decide where kingdoms collide. A river runs all the way from Safemounts down into Seperahills, forming the River Normund. The lake has, due to its beautiful surrounding as well as its remarkably clear water, been a place for offerings and spiritual rebirth rituals for centuries.

A story goes, that Ravodin the Great at his very last years have turned to that River to be cleanshed from all his deeds and undeeds, where after he has disappeared into the hills reborn again.

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